ETE was created to be a revolutionary gaming accessory brand created with gamers in mind. The company was formed 2019 by two lifelong gamers (and Friends) Will and Pav. Gaming has been and still is massive part of both of our lives, our friendship was established and cemented in the early years, by many hours of grinding multiple games. Some of our favourites included; Halo, Fortnite, Gears of War, Apex Legends and CS:GO. However, the game we found ourselves spending most of our time on was Call Of Duty. During our Call of Duty career we played many hours of online and public matches, slowly moving more and more into the competitive side of the game. The first competitive games we played were on Gamebattles, from here we went up the ranks until we were no longer considered noobs! We then moved onto other more competitive websites, such as decerto, UMG and CMG. Our competitive call of duty streak culminated in two LAN events in the UK, Insomnia and EGL. These events, along with the years of casual and competitive experience, gave us the opportunity to meet and interact with many awesome people. From this point, it became clear to us both that we wanted to take our life long hobby and turn it into something more.


We are creating a brand which to help gamers unlock their full potential and EXCEED THE EXPECTATION. We know what it’s like to be let down by external factors. We know how it feels to get ruined because of connection. We have felt the heart wrenching moments where your team are relying on you and you let them down because your sweaty thumb slipped off your analogue stick. We can't control aspects such as LAG, but we can help with other factors. This is what our specifically created future range of products will help to eliminate. Allowing your ability to do the talking.

As two men in their 20's we both understand the importance of physical activity. Because of this, we decided that our companies ethos would be to help the gaming community adopt a more active lifestyle, in order to improve their physical and mental health. Therefore, the versatility of our products was a key factor when designing them. This is how the first ETE Gaming Towel package was created. We tried and tested various anti-sweat products in the industry throughout our gaming career, but nothing quite came close to the towel when it came to suppressing the sweat.